When we think about toxic environments, we generally end up discussing family and friends, but rarely talk about work places. And of course, we spend a major chunk of our lives at our jobs. So, I guess it’s about time we take a look at work place practices that are outdated, and need to be cleared out (immediately!). 

Hence this Reddit thread where people are discussing practices that they cannot believe still exist in professional spaces, today, is the perfect place to start thinking about this topic. Read on to know more. 

1. No makeup being considered “unprofessional” for women.

– tunaball25

2. Pay disparity, gaslighting women, fighting for the glass ceiling, openly practiced misogyny, FFS cold offices (why is the temperature in offices set at 18 degrees). 

– ibarmy  

3. Tattoos needing to be covered.

– The_Special_Teacher

4. Insisting people work from the office, 5 day work weeks.

– Rooster_Roll

5. Favoritism. Especially when it’s SO OBVIOUS. I understand that it’s natural to have some people that you like more than others but sometimes it’s just really blatant.

– G_Ram3

6. Fax machines. It is so much easier just to attach documents to an email, or even direct someone to a link in the cloud.

– hauteburrrito

7. The lack of paid sick leave. 

– alwaysamensch

8. Lack of paternal leave.

– alcutie

9. Bosses socializing with employees. I’ve worked at places with fraternization rules and places without and it was infinitely better at the places with rules. No instances of the boss’s friends getting treated better or people who didn’t share interests with the boss being treated poorly. I worked as an assistant manager once and was in charge of making sure the people on my shift completed their work, but the people on my shift were buddies with the manager so they never listened to me. Half the time they called her cell and asked to leave early and I didn’t even know until they waltzed out the door in front of me. I had all of the responsibility and none of the authority. I quit because of it. You shouldn’t be able to do inferior work but get points with the boss by buying them drinks or babysitting their kids.

– SallyHeap

10. Just that it’s still okay to comment on women’s looks. Like the subtle expectation we wear makeup to work and if we don’t it’s okay to say we look ‘tired’. Or to comment on workwear, to say something is or isn’t ‘flattering’ on your body.

– takiobsessed

11. Bosses verbally abusing their employees.

– ScouserReds245

12. Bullying.

– yetanotherwoman

13. Sabbaticals not being nearly as common as they should be. 

– alcutie

14. Bringing the boss home for dinner that the little wifey cooks. I was stunned that a friend had to cook for her husband’s boss and his wife. What??

– queenoreo

15. Fluctuating hours, especially if you work in retail. I worked in retail for years before I finally got a permanent job and one thing I couldn’t stand was the weeks I’d only get like 10 hours. If we agreed on 25+, that’s what I expect every week. If I call off, I’ll take the hit to my pay because I know I’m calling off. I understand there are slow months for lots of stores. I don’t care. If I get paid the same to just sit around while we barely have any customers, that should be my choice.

– EntertainmentFar5562

16. Gossiping.

– twentynov

17. This hasn’t happened to me, but not having accommodations for new moms to pump in private or at all (that isn’t a bathroom). Even giving them a break to pump in some places.

– NotAnOxfordCommaFan

18. Discouraging employees from talking about pay.

– Living-Consequence11

19. Giving employees grief for using their own earned PTO. I just need a break.


20. Being rude and disrespectful to employees and getting scolded in front of coworkers. I had an administrator corner me and wave her finger at me, literally in my face, and say, “I’m your administrator you need to learn your place.” My crime: standing up for myself because I told her I was still speaking (she was interrupting me).

– speakbela

Wow. They’ve said it all. What a lovely, woke ass thread.