Taking a break in a relationship or work always gives you a better perspective about what you want in life. Sure, there are a few factors you need to consider before taking that break, but it works out if you plan it well.

Case in point: People who have taken a break from work are sharing how it worked for them and what are things one should keep in mind.  

1. “As long as you can explain the break, it’s not a big deal. My friend took a 6-month break and he landed pretty fine. I’ve been thinking about this too. But I don’t want to quit in such a shit market. I’ve had a break of 1 month before and no one bothered.”


2. “Why not explore an unpaid sabbatical option? or create that option for yourself by having a conversation with your leads. Reduces the risk of you losing your job, and your company doesn’t have to pay you for 3-4 months during this Covid-19 phase. Seems like a win-win.”


3. “Had joined my dad’s business, worked there for 5 years, and then sold it just before the lockdown (at a complete loss). Had joined a company for 1 year, got 0 experience, and left. Now I started my own company and am trying to make it work. If not, back to jobs it is. But I definitely agree with everyone here, it’s a lot more difficult to simply leave a job if you don’t have a good financial backing to help you sustain at least for 6 months to a year without earning.”


4. I’ve taken several and am getting ready to take another in a week. I say yes, you work to live, not live to work.


5. “I did, for a startup with friends. Didn’t end well. If you are leaving your job for something you like, have some backup. This shouldn’t discourage you in any way, but that’s the rational thing to do.”


6. “Have quit multiple times but always have to come back due to monetary constraints. I guess that’s the most difficult part. Can you sustain yourself with the new thing you are planning to do? If yes, go for it. If not, you will come back whenever you want money. Another way would be to find out your real interests and inclinations. What would you like to give your life to? If you have that clarity go for it. The genuine interest might deter you from going back.”


7. “I quit a very well-paying legal job to become a filmmaker. Best decision of my life but required a lot of sacrifices. And I worked every job I could get a hold on because I need to provide for myself. No monetary support from home.”


8. “If you plan to be unemployed for only 2-4 months then I would suggest beginning your job search immediately after quitting. It takes a while to find a good job.”


9. “Go to a doctor and get a sign-off for mental health FMLA. Use the time to clear your head and find a new job. Gives you a break while you are currently employed.” 


10. “Absolutely worth it. YOU are absolutely worth it. I was fired from a previous job because I wasn’t taking care of my mental health and that significantly impacted my work. I ended up taking a year off and it was the best thing for me. Does your employer offer an EAP benefit? Please look into it if you can- it’s a free counseling service for employees.”


11. “You can justify the break to HR by explaining your situation and how continuing on the same path would have eventually led to burnout. Most HRs will understand. I took a break of 3 months to travel across India after 3 exhausting years at a startup. The hiring person and I connected on the travel aspect and ended up sharing stories from our travels. I was offered a 30% hike on my previous CTC.”


12. “Take that break. Burnout is a big deal. The faster you realise and change course, the better your chances of recovery. If any company dumps you because you took care of your mental health, thank your stars and move on. You don’t want to be working with such employers.”

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