From IAS officers to prime ministers and chief ministers, different government officials receive different perks and privileges. Each state of the country is governed by a chief minister, who has been voted into power. But, did you ever wonder what sort of perks these chief ministers get?

Well today, we have listed some of the privileges that the chief ministers of the country is given by the government. Read on.

1. According to a report, the salaries of chief ministers vary from state to state. The starting salary of a chief minister is ₹1,05,500 and goes on to ₹4,10,000. The salary of Telangana’s chief minister is ₹4,10,000 per month, Delhi’s chief minister is ₹3,90,000, Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister is ₹3,65,000 and so on.

2. They get gigantic and well-furnished houses free of cost from the government. However, the amount and size of the houses vary from state to state. Also, if the chief minister wishes to stay at their own house, the exact value of the house rent is paid to the minister.

3. The chief minister receives a fixed amount of money as reimbursement for their phone call bills, every month.

4. They are entitled to avail no-cost medical treatment, reimbursement and free accommodation in all government hospitals and other referral hospitals declared by the government.

5. Apart from this, a fixed quantity of electricity units is allotted to the minister, free of cost, every month.

6. They are also allotted a fixed amount of money for their travel expenses within the jurisdiction of the country, every year. Again, the amount varies from state to state. Interestingly, their family members are also entitled to a limited amount for free travelling, every year.

7. They enjoy a fixed amount of pension and retirement benefits. However, the amount varies according to the respective state legislatures. In case the chief minister passes away, their spouses are entitled to their pension.

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