Being the Prime Minister of India is a huge responsibility and the government takes care of most things the PM requires, so that they can focus on their task.

Here we look at some of the facilities, the current PM, Narendra Modi, is given by the government.

1. According to Hindustan Times, PM Modi gets a salary of ₹2 lakhs per month.

Indian Express

2. His assets saw an increase of ₹35 lakhs in 15 months, despite a pay cut during Covid. That can be attributed to the perks he gets as the Prime Minister of India.

In 2014, he had chosen to stay at the house in 5, Race Course Road, since the traditional PM’s residence – 7, Race Course Road, was under construction at the time.

The PM will get a new residence once the ambitious construction of the Central Vista is finished.

Jagran Josh

3. In 2014, several reports had suggested that a secret tunnel will be constructed from 7 RCR to Safdarjung Airport, so that the PM can travel without any hassle for 1.5 kilometers.

However, the same was reported in 2010, and its current status could not be verified.

Times of India

4. The cars given to PM Modi are said to be the most luxurious, safest on the planet. He used to drive around in a Mahindra Scorpio, before moving to BMW 7 Series 760 Li High-Security Edition, Range Rover HSE, and Toyota Land Cruiser, and Tata Safari.


5. He travels on Boeing 777 plane, which is only used by other dignitaries like the President and the Vice President of India.

The planes were in the news last year when India procured them from the US after modifications. They have advanced missile detection system, self-protection suites, among other facilities.

India Today

6. Apart from this, a report from 2018 suggested that once he retires, he will get free accommodation, electricity, water for life, and a secretarial team of 14 after retirement for 5 years.

These facilities are given to all former Prime Ministers.

Financial Express

7. Apart from this, the government pays for the stay, food and travel expenses of the Prime Minister when he is going abroad – but that’s obvious.

Between 2014 and 2018, the government spent ₹2,021 crore on foreign tours. And between 2015 and 2020, he is said to have travelled to 58 countries, which cost ₹517 crore.

Business Standard

That overs the big parts of the perks given to the Prime Minister.