There’s no doubt that interviewing for a job position can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking process for a bunch of people. From picking the creaseless outfit to prepping your communication skills, everything needs to be perfect.

However, one thing that every candidate should look for, before signing their appointment letter, is the work culture. In a thread, people revealed some subtle red flags that scream ‘do not, I repeat, do not take this job’. Read on.


1. “When the person interviewing you is the person whose job you’ll be taking, and they are quitting because the job sucks.”

– Anonymous

2. “While waiting in the lobby for my interviewer to come out, a man flung the work area door open as he was screaming and literally sobbing about the place being worse than hell. It was like a red flag factory exploded in my face.”

– lorinisapirate

3. “During my wife’s interview, she was asked if she had any kids or planned on getting pregnant soon. Both questions are illegal to ask during an interview.”

– Redsox933

4. “I applied for a guitar tech job at a guitar centre. I went through three levels of interviews. Right during the last one, this dude, goes through all my paperwork and is like, “you got the job, we’re gonna start you off in sales.” And I was like, “I didn’t apply for sales, I’ve interviewed the last three weeks for the guitar tech position.” And, he just said, “I know” and had this shitty stupid smile on his face. That’s when I realized, they probably don’t care for their employees there.”

– willislol

5. “If they dodge the question about your working hours.”

– GamingTatertot

6. “If the interviewer cancels and forgets to tell you. I once drove an hour, each way, just to learn that my future boss took the day off. Not a sick day. She had booked a vacation months ago and didn’t bother clearing her schedule (or checking it when scheduling my interview). That job ended up being very short-lived and traumatic. She was fired like a month after I quit.”

– somanytictoc

7. “If the interviewer seems stressed or rushed, that’s your first red sign.”

– jbOOgi3

8. “They mention that you can use the position to get your foot in the door at the company and after that, if you don’t like it, you can use some internal application and hiring process to switch to a different position. The initial job is going to suck and switching to a different position is going to be much, much harder and more time-consuming than they let on. There will be no availability in the area you’d really like to work in, despite constantly hiring new people from the outside.”

– dopkick

9. “I once interviewed for a company that said they’ll be holding onto my passport and my university degrees as long as I work there.”

– tiinn

10. “When they ask how much I’d like to get paid, I say $11 an hour, they chuckle and counter with minimum wage. Why’d you bother asking in the first place?”

– ace_vagrant

11. “If they say that overtime is expected. That just means that they are understaffed and you will be putting a lot many hours you are not getting paid for.”

– Dexteroid

12. “Vagueness in describing the job. If they can’t tell you what your day-to-day is like, you probably won’t like it.”

– Notmiefault

Folks, make a note of these red flags for your next job interview!