Among the many reasons you may want to quit your job- a bad boss is an essential one. It’s no secret how having a bad boss can affect your work growth and incentives at the same time.  

Case in point- People who have dealt with bad bosses have shared some subtle signs, and they are worth taking note of. 

1. “Doesn’t educate their team with skills to make them better. Only communicates one way and doesn’t listen to what their team says. Make themselves unavailable to their reports.”


2. “Having a lot of favoritism for specific employees then treating the ones that aren’t them like crap. Making one person do the work of 5 people because they can’t do the job correctly. Not being supportive about employees that are continuing their education.”


3. “If they say I instead of we. If they put their current workers down. If they seem overly nice – too nice. If they are desperate to get you on. If they low ball your salary.”


4. “Under-managing and being disengaged with the employees who report to you. Just disorganized. — they make you do all of their work on top of yours. Just whenever the power diff is obviously there and they take advantage of that”

5. “Doesn’t help talk for the team. I was presenting an idea to the big boss and she always sided with the big boss instead of me even though everything I was presenting was aligned with her.”


6. “Someone with a history of running an office with an employee turnover rate. Micromanagement. Mistreatment of an employee. Poor management of staff resources. Failure to communicate objectives and goals. Failure to hold a regular staff meeting.”


7. “When you can’t approach them or talk to them because they are in a bad mood or take their anger out on you. Basically, they cannot control their emotions.” 


8. “The traits of a toxic boss are (1) narcissism and the inability to feel empathy plus (2) debilitating insecurity.”


9. “When they punish you for rocking the boat. For example, bringing up legitimate problems or issues.”


10. “Bad bosses want to take all the credit. Good ones make sure to stand back and let the crew accept the credit. It’s hard for some leaders to leave their egos at home.”


11. “Doesn’t think about growth paths of individuals and neglects ways to champion their growth within an organization. Manages based on their own system vs. playing to the strengths of their group/company culture.”


12. “Unclear expectations which set you up for failure. Often leads to micromanagement.” 


13. “Messaging you late at night expecting you to do work-related things. They ask you your opinion but never use it, then act surprised and pass blame when it doesn’t work out.”


14. “When they approve your vacation time then, during said vacation, complain about you being on vacation and say they’ll never let you take another vacation again.”


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