Even the most average Indian student is heavily aware of academia culture. It’s just something that’s hardwired into most of us. Most Asian countries are, in fact, the same, which is why most of us are also so, so aware of the drawbacks of academia. A Twitter thread started by @ShegunTweets, where they’ve asked people to share their unpopular opinions about it, is pretty much a synthesis of all the thoughts we might have had at some point.

Academia, unpopular opinions
Credit: The Wire

From IVY league universities not being all that, to arts students always being judged, Twitter users have shared almost everything. Here, read on:

Here’s how people have responded to the post:


Definitely agree with the idea that so many education systems create codependency among students and their ability to cram. While it can be helpful to score good marks, we can’t possibly deem a person worthy simply by their ability to recall information.