LinkedIn is filled with pictures of people working from the oddest of places because “work demands all you’ve got”. 

It is a toxic mindset that we need to get rid of, but for now, seems like there is only stuff adding to the list. For instance, this pillion rider, who was allegedly doing his work while being stuck on a flyover.  


The picture of the person was shared by Harshmeet Singh on LinkedIn, along with the caption, “One of the busiest flyovers in the city, and here is a pillion rider working on his laptop. If you as a Boss have been able to terrorize your colleagues to meet the deadline at the cost of their own safety, it is time for you to think again”.

People have been sharing a wide range of opinions on the matter and here are some of them. 

Now, while people gave their views on the whole situation, some also rightly pointed out that it cannot be concluded that he is doing office work by just a picture or a few seconds of observation. 

That’s a fair point. Though, to anyone who is reading, this is enormously dangerous. Office work or not, pillion rider or not, please do not work on any device while being on the road.