In an era where we do not even have job security, career advancement is a far-fetched dream for many. Millennials, who make up the biggest part of the workforce today, think differently. They are not the ones who would work for one company for their entire career. They want to learn and grow in their careers, both financially and position-wise, and that too quickly.


What’s the secret to this career progression? How can you achieve it? People on the internet who have either climbed up the ladder or been in leadership positions share some tips.

1. “I was a young engineer and became a front line manager before I was 30. Here’s a few of the things that I learned the hard way. You must always advocate for yourself. No one else will do it for you. In today’s day an age the ability to grow in a single company is mostly a dead idea. Balance your career and set goals. If you aren’t making those goals at one company? Move.” – Reddit

2. “Have a good reputation with others even if they aren’t in your group. High tolerance for doing a lot of bullshit and taking it seriously. Some sucking up to your bosses, a lot of tolerance of micro aggressions against you without escalating the conflict at all.” – Reddit

3. “When you’ve been with your previous employer for 12-18 months, start applying and interviewing diligently. Do it entirely in secret. Constantly work on your 1-2 page resume, and learn how to optimize and improve it. Apply far and wide for jobs which give you either broader experience, more senior titles, or experience in highly respected companies.” – Reddit

4. “Impress everyone around you and build as many life-long relationships as you can. From those that report to you, to those that you report to, to other colleagues and clients, everyone’s watching you. People talk, word gets out, you don’t know who will be doing what later down the road.” – Quora

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5. “I work for a big multinational company, upper management so I have to go anonymous. My best advice to you: change jobs often, taking a higher position each time you do. During each job position get as much experience as you can and move on. By doing so you will achieve in a relatively short time what it would take during your entire professional career in one company.” – Quora

6. “I became Managing Director (CEO) of a large digital agency in London at 34. Changing jobs every few years is actually pretty critical to rapid rising. Some companies even promote this. People tend to get comfortable and definitely people tend to pigeon hole each other. You just have to keep changing. Focus on mastering the skills necessary for the job.” – Quora

7. “I worked at a big corporation and only really knew people from my small department. I became friends with my teammates and we never once discussed work. It was only several months later that I attended a company-wide meeting that I found out that most of my new friends were senior leadership. This became very useful when I was trying to move up in the company.” – Quora

8. “Having been promoted a number of times throughout my career and having promoted dozens of leaders over the years I believe you must deliver results above expectations & if in a position where your numbers are measured, you have to consistently exceed your numbers.” – Quora

9. “Take the trouble to really understand your supervisors and what they need to accomplish. Support them, contribute to their cause and help them look good to their own superiors. Build alliances with your peers in all parts of the organization. Be generous in helping co-workers if asked, or better yet, volunteer.” – Quora

10. “Companies aren’t just looking to hand out promotions for fun and the higher you are the more competition there will be for a promotion. It’s not enough just to have the credentials and good performance, other people have that too. I’ve always found that it is a massive help to align your desires and aspirations with things that the company needs that others are not willing to do or have overlooked.” – Quora

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