Every UPSC aspirant is curious to learn what life at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) is like. The academy that trains Civil Services Officer Trainees is situated in Mussoorie and looks like heaven nestled amidst the Himalayas.

Here’s what the day of an IAS officer is like at the academy.

1. “We started our days at LBSNAA with morning PT. It was done in polo grounds for my batch, which is a good 1–2 km walk from Academy. After PT, we rushed for breakfast and then attended classes. Along with classes, we had other activities that kept us busy like Himalayan Trekking, village visits, hiking, running, cycling etc. You can really pick one or two and develop in those.” – Manuj Jindal, AIR-53


2. “Apart from classes and physical training activities, they have formal dinners and cultural events. You can go to the Mall Road for late night visits.” – Suresh Choudhary, Assistant Commissioner(IRS), Customs and GST


3. “We start our day at 5:15 AM and classes finish at 4 PM. Even after this, we usually have some activities planned for us. On the weekends we have treks, cultural events, athletic meet etc. So, we hardly get a day off. Despite this, we never miss out on a moment to party! In the academy you are always surrounded by friends and you build everlasting relationships. We spend our evenings and weekends exploring Mussoorie.” – Anupama Anjali, IAS


4. “Weekends are meant for treks. Initial treks might seem difficult but you get used to them eventually. These activities are difficult but build the best friendships. Another good thing about weekends is that you can visit the OT lounge where you have a bar, games like pool table and music instruments.” – Vikas Jakhar, IRS


5. “There are special lectures by dignitaries of national repute. On few ceremonial occasions we get to wear the ‘Bandhgala’. – Vikas Jakhar, IRS


6. “We’ve been trained to get up at 5:30 AM no matter how late we sleep. Morning activity has various options such as PT, Yoga, Horse riding, Gym, Cycling, Running etc. One cannot do everything together. I chose Yoga and Horse Riding as my morning activity.” – Rishab Jain, CSE 2018 AIR-23

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7. “We went to the ITBP Academy to get hands on training on weapons. As a part of the House Journal Society we release an in House magazine as well as manage the blog. There’s so much that happens in the academy. Not a day goes by without learning something new. If you come here I’m sure you’ll find your passion and work on it.” –  Rishab Jain, CSE 2018 AIR-23

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8. “It would be tough to describe, but it is an absolutely beautiful campus! If they only ever gave the students time to enjoy it, it would be like living in a mountain paradise! We were usually just running from here to there, not having time to really cherish it! I don’t think we are allowed to put up pictures publicly and explain it, so I will just rest by saying, it is stunning and one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit! Lovely gardens and stunning hills! And the best views of Sunrise and Sunset ever! A must visit place for everyone!” – Ira Singhal, IAS

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This is what dreams are made up of, right?