Every manager in the world complains about his employees, more so when they are on their notice period. So much so, that it has become a norm to think employees just don’t work as hard after they put in their papers. 


It’s a general assumption that we just don’t want work once we put in our papers, which to be fair, isn’t entirely incorrect. But there’s a lot more to it than you think. So we’ll dive into it point by point. 

Firstly, the reason most of us quit is because our managers are real dipshits. 

It’s a known fact. If you have ever left a job, you know this. Sometimes, it’s a career move but mostly, we are just done having to deal with idiots on power trips on an everyday basis. Look, we all love the comfort of job security and most of us have to put in our papers because we feel wronged, be it bad appraisals, lack of promotions or being treated like garbage in general.


Then there’s the nonsense about really long notice periods. 

A week notice period is a norm in the USA. But that’s not our payment cycle so, we understand that we have to work for a month to allow the company to find a replacement or find a way to adjust. We understand that. But sometimes, that notice period is 2 months, even 3 months. And they will always sneak it in during your appraisals so you can’t say no. 

Why, why on Earth am I expected to work for 2-3 months after I put in my papers, which I did because I have had enough of this place? Why should I bust my a** knowing you are going to treat me shittier than you already have? It’s cruel and unfair. 

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BTW, it’s also a career sabotaging move. Because no new employer looking for a candidate wants to wait 2 months for them to join. 

It’s ridiculous is what it is and hypocritical, to say the least. You want new employees to join ASAP but your own employees have 2-3 months of the notice period. WTF is wrong with you? If we lived in a fair society, you would be punched in the throat by God every day. 


Then there is this norm of not paying salaries during the notice period. 

I don’t know why this is and I don’t have an intricate knowledge of the law but this should be f**king illegal. You want me to work for free? Why would I want to do that, you exploitative piece of shit? Why would I want to slog my behind for you, so that you can make profits, while I struggle to make ends meet, just because I made the ‘crime’ of quitting? This makes it personal, it seems like a vendetta, a punishment, the sort you expect from drug lords.  

We have all watched crime dramas, mostly because that’s every second Hindi show streaming right now. We know you can’t really quit a gang without them coming after you. That’s what this feels like. You’re a f**king thug in a suit for doing that. 


And even when you finish the notice period, the HR, yes, the haemorrhoids of the human species, will tell you, ‘you will receive your salary within 45 days of your final day at work’. WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K? 

How do you expect me to pay rent, or EAT? Why don’t I just lie on the street and you take your car,yes, that very one you bought on the back of my labour, and run it over me and we can both rest in peace? 


And this isn’t even the end of it, BTW. Even after you go through all that, your full and final payment will always inevitably be delayed! It’s like The HR gets a commission to delay your salary? 

Oh, they don’t? THEN WHY DON’ T THEY JUST PROCESS THE F&F ON TIME? Huh? Oh, We HaVe A PrObLeM iN oUr BaNk?  Mf, I have been eating scraps for 3 months, my HCl in my stomach has started eating my stomach. Mujhe apni patni ka mangalsutra bechna pad raha hai, chu*iyon! BaNk IsN’t WoRkInG! F**k off.


And if the bank has a problem, then why did you wait till the last day to process it. You had the money, would your dick have fallen off if you processed it a couple of days earlier? On top of that, nobody from the company ever replies to the mails. 

XYZ, who recently quit their job at ABC, (we will not name either for obvious reasons) faced an ordeal with a popular Delhi-based company. This is what they said: 

They wouldn’t even respond to emails. I started contacting them asking if they needed any more documents to process the salary. They wouldn’t respond to emails. I had to reach out to 5-6 different people in the HR and accounting and the admin team personally to even get them to tell me what they needed. And everyone gave me different answers, almost like none of them had any idea what was going on. 

Look, this is just bad faith. That’s all this is. From where we stand, it seems deadly obvious that companies or whoever is in charge of making these ridiculous decisions, feel like they need to do this to retain employees or discourage them from quitting the job. 


But here’s a better idea, and I am just spitballing, maybe make your office a better place to work while we work there and we won’t quit. Nobody likes searching for new jobs, filing assignments and doing interviews. So if this is your retention policy, no wonder people are quitting on you. And if it isn’t obvious at this point, this is why we don’t like working during our notice period.