In case you haven't heard, Star India is shutting down Channel V!

Yes, take a moment to let that sink in. 

And also, wave your childhood an official goodbye. Because if you've grown up in the rocking 90s, you'd know just how COOL Channel V was! 

Getting all nostalgic, aren't we?


Channel V - the official channel to introduce the 90s kids to cool lingo and comic characters (Lola Kutty, anyone?) - has failed to tap into what makes the current youth tick, thereby losing its spot on our Televisions. 

Source: India Today

However, it can never lose its spot in our hearts. 

Channel V sponsored the Coke (V) Popstars and gave us Viva and the girl anthem, Hum nayein geet sunayein, that still sets my feet tapping and heart smiling. 

Source: Daily Bhaskar

It also gave us the model talent show, Get Gorgeous, way back in 2004, long before MTV launched India's Next Top Model in 2015.

Source: Times Of India

And don't even get me started on the VJs that became my reason to be hooked onto Channel V, every single evening. 

I mean, from Gaurav Kapoor to Shruti Seth to Aditya Roy Kapoor, Channel V had some of the best, most impressive VJs. 

Source: Pinterest

But Channel V was much more than just amazing VJs and great shows. At the heart of it, it was a wonderful music channel. 

One that brought us the current trending music before 'trending' became a twitter term. 

One that introduced us to international tunes with V International. 

One that managed to provide style inspiration when I could not stream fashion shows on YouTube. 

One that delivered sarcastic humor and expert animations when stand up comedy was not at the click of a button.

One that made me believe that being a VJ was the coolest job ever!

The memorable characters that we loved, like the Haryanvi Jat Udham Singh, played by Munish Mukhija, and the animated Channel V 'Bai' and 'Simpu Singh', got replaced by shows such as Gumrah, Ishq Unplugged and the likes - a shift that we were not ready to embrace.


Channel V did not go down the wrong track in a day. 

There were shows such as Stay TunedDare to Date and Axe Ur Ex, that managed to compete for viewer attention against MTV 's Roadies and Bindas's Emotional Atyachar.


Channel V to was synonymous with innovation for me. It managed to keep me glued on day after day with varied entertainment, because I did not have the option of choosing from a variety of web series. 

Today, it is easy to hunt for content from across the globe, till you settle for what piques your interest. But at a time when digital content was nothing more than school slideshows, MTV and Channel V were the pioneers of introducing kids to the terms 'cool and fashionable'. 

Source: YouTube

Sadly for us, it's a goodbye to Channel V! 

It may have lost it's way, along the way, but it was my go-to channel for every popular trend for the longest time ever.