We hardly acknowledge just how difficult adulting can be. Apart from having to learn essential life skills, finding some passion that makes you happy along with learning to take good care of yourself, coping with how your social life changes is an underrated obstacle in adulthood. For instance, this confession by an engineer based in Bengaluru about earning well and feeling incredibly lonely and unsatisfied with life has people relating hard.

engineer, Bengaluru

Though, a seemingly ordinary confession, it’s a large reflection of where we’re at as a society. How the world has changed in the last few years, and how that has led to so many young people suffering from loneliness or friendlessness.

Here’s how others have responded. Some have advised him to travel, find a hobby, or join an NGO. While many have loads of compassion for his situation and are hoping he reaches a better place mentally and emotionally.


A sad reality of what being a grown up can look like sometimes. Hope he finds that spark again, though.