While most of us are social-distancing, it's time to bring the old-school board games back. We're sure you can play these nostalgic games with your friends and family from afar, either on online platforms or through video calls. 

Here are a few exciting games from your childhood that should definitely make a comeback in your quarantine routine: 

1. Ludo 

Source: Pinterest

2. UNO

Source: Pinterest

3. Name-Place-Animal-Thing 

Source: ScoopWhoop

4. Message-Message 

Source: Ultimate Camper Resource

5. Hangman 

Source: Twitter

6. Snakes and Ladders 

Source: Education Arcade

7. Red Hands 

Source: 123KinderGarden

8. Monopoly

Source: Monopoly

9. Dumb Charades 

Source: Desi Martini

10. Antakshari

Source: DissDash

11. Truth or Dare 

Source: Giphy

12. Atlas 

Source: Giphy

13. Chinese Whispers

Source: DSC

14. Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi/ Killer Detective 

Source: Pinterest

15. Scrabble 

Source: BBC

16. Carrom 

Source: Pinterest

17. The Game Of Life 

Source: Production Coalation

18. Bluff 

Source: Wikipedia

19. Super Mario 

Source: Giphy

20. Jenga 

Source: Word Press

21. Tetris 

22. Pate-Pe-Pata 

Source: WikiMedia commons

23. Mastermind

Source: Amazon

24. The Memory Game 

Source: Story Pick

25. Teen Patti 

Source: Spinsvilla

26. Chidiya Udd 

Source: D'Source

27. Tippy-Tippy-Tap-Tap

Source: She The People

28. Join The-Dots 

Source: ScoopWhoop

28. Pen Fight 

Source: Blog Post

29.Statue or Freeze Dance 

30. Tongue Twister Challenges 

Source: Odysseyonline

While you have a blast revisiting these old school games, let us know if we're missing any other 'safe for social distancing' childhood games in the comments section below.