Living in an Indian household is fascinating to say the least. Picture this, you are getting horribly late for your examination but your mom doesn’t let you leave the house until you have that one tiny spoon of dahi-cheeni for it is considered shubh to have it before an important task. The exam can wait but dahi-cheeni? Never! Oh, the horror of having missed it! You might get hit by a bus before reaching the exam hall, you know?

Situations like these and a host of other beliefs have been summed up to perfection by Brown Paperbag Comics. Check out the realistically hilarious illustrations here:

1. Maid in India

 A lot of our plans have been made and cancelled by a maid. Right, guys?


2. Mah laptop caused that rip in the shirt according to Ma

“I broke my spectacles because I was on my phone”, says mom!


3. The aeroplane ‘nailed’ it

Yes, a crash can really happen if you cut your nails at night in India. 


4. Follow my dreams? Err, no! Daddy’s dream, it is!

Our dreams just got re-engineered


5. Tauba Tauba, my shorts are too short for auntyji

When auntyji’s Hai Ram freaked the skirt out of us.


6. Late Night Fraaandship Chat 

Mommy, not every late night chat buddy is a boyfriend or a girlfriend. 


7.  Birthday Bumps are called that for a reason, after all!

So many slaps on the bum! Birthdays need to be re-coined as bumday. 


8. Any Indo-Pak cricket match coming up? I just dreamt of an empty Delhi road. 


9. And, hell yes, the roads belong to the gaadiwallahs. Who the hell are pedestrians, anyway? 


10.  Salman has always been making headlines with a comment or a haircut but nobody gives a shit about Syria and the upsurge.


11. Feminism: Check, Sexism: Check, Hypocrisy: Oh, that! Ignored. 

We don’t know if there are ends to the debates on feminism and sexism, but we think that hypocrisy is here to stay!


And that my friends, is India as we know it. 

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