The internet is a place of wonder and boundless knowledge. But it can also be place of abject horror and infinite creepiness. Today, we’re going to focus on the that corner of the internet which thrives on our heebie-jeebies. Here are some of the creepiest websites around.

1. Death Clock – Tells you the date of your death.

This website uses an advanced life expectancy calculator to ‘accurately’ predict your death date. No thank you.


2. Plane Crash Info – Listen to the last words of plane crash victims.

This website lets you listen to audio of the people on board some of the worst plane crashes in history, just before they went down. It also provides stats, reports, and photos.

Plane Info

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3. White Enamel – Walk through an abandoned mental hospital.

This online ‘game’ lets you roam the halls and rooms of a haunted abandoned psychiatric hospital while scary music plays in the background. 


4. Dying Words – Features the last statements of executed criminals.

Criminals on death row are given the option to say a few words before leaving the world, and they’re compiled on this creepy website. 

USA Today

5. Milk for the Ugly – A horror web comic.

This web comic comes with sound effects and the ability to move your mouse around to explore more of the frame. The story is about an old woman hiding a dangerous secret, and t’s downright terrifying.

6. Fifth Nail – The blog of a convicted serial killer and predator.

Joseph E. Duncan III is serving 11 consecutive life sentences for murder and rape. He publishes a blog via a third party, and it provides a chilling look into the mind of a killer. 

Inside Hook

7. Ted’s Caving Journal – The online diary of a man who found a cave in 2000.

This might sound innocent enough, but we all know how many things can go wrong in a cave. If you’re claustrophobic, this journal will seriously trigger you.


8. World Births and Deaths – Shows a red dot every time someone dies in the world.

It’s pretty creepy to constantly see red dots popping up and thinking about how it’s a person dying.


9. Saya in Underworld – A site filled with dark tales from Japan.

This site is basically creepypastas on meth, and that’s saying something. It’s chock full of Japanese horror, and has a huge original collection of creepy stories.


10. The Ghost In My Machine – Has everything from creepy stories to paranormal guides.

This website contains ‘stories of the strange and the unusual’. But it also comes with things like a creepypasta of the week and rituals to speak with ghosts. Pretty damn scary.


Somebody call an exorcist!