Every time I come across an aesthetic Instagram reel of a person cooking or whipping up an iced coffee in their kitchen, I sigh wistfully. And that’s because they have such nice kitchens! For the longest time, I thought it was because I didn’t have something that the entire world had, but slowly, I realised that most desi kitchens aren’t all that aesthetic.

Desi, Kitchen
Credit: YouTube

Most of us have a plastic bag full of plastic bags in our kitchen. We also have old Bournvita containers that we use to store lentils and rice and various other spices. So, maybe we’ve been sold an aesthetic that isn’t realistic?

In fact, this Reddit post by u/LoneSilentWolf about his typical desi kitchen has gotten a whole bunch of people to open up about the things that make up an Indian kitchen. And it’s heartwarming AF.

Desi, Kitchen
Desi, Kitchen
Credit: Reddit

So, here are all the epic responses people have had to this picture:

1. “Where is your bag of plastic bags?

2. “Masalas in peanut butter jars and vatana in Amul ice cream tubs.


3. “Saare kitchen same dikhte hai kya?”


4. “Rack? You just keep all this stuff on top of your oven and move it aside when you’re using it like a true Indian.”


5. “I have half-cut lemons beside the egg tray in my fridge door.”


6. “My mom keeps the sandwich maker and induction in the cupboard once the work is done.”


7. “Where are the Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite PET bottles?.”


Desi, Kitchen
Credit: Pinterest

8. “As an aesthetic ka 14, this hurts, but at the same time perfectly aligns with the Indian-ness of my home lol.”


9. “Where is the dal kept in Bournvita boxes?”


10. “The branded bags are kept under a mattress on the bed, while the normal plastic bags are in a bigger plastic bag behind the kitchen door.”


11. “Fridge top cover that has 6 pockets on left and right.”


12. “Pochha covering appliances.”


Maybe we need to take more pictures of our homes and kitchens to normalise the aesthetic we grew up with. Because it definitely holds sentiment that is worth putting out there.