As we all know, every parent has a set of behaviors that are key signs that they are desi to the core. In fact, @BOMgirltweets seems to have pointed one such behavior out in her tweet. According to her, desi parents have a knack for picking the hottest day in summer for updating their bank passbooks.

Parents, Passbooks

@BOMgirltweets tweeted and explained how this strange habit always gets on her nerves. Why this is so hilarious is because many of us can relate to her. Unlike our parents we’re much more comfortable with online banking. Because, what’s the point in going out during such terrible weather for a bank related errand, when you can sit at home, under your roof, away from the sun and handle it all on your phone?

Of course other desi kids have similar opinions, and have the most epic responses to her observation. Here, take a look.

Maybe years down the line, our kids will get frustrated with why we want to videocall them when we can simply teleport?