In the last few weeks, the only thing that threatened to take the limelight away from Game of Thrones has been the anonymous messaging service called Sarahah. It has spread like a zombie virus, infecting millions at a time. Even if you are not part of it, it still pops up in your neighbourhood, trying to eat your brains. Legions with a liking for compliments to feed their egos and innocents unaware of an army of haters have been affected by the phenomenon.

We tried to imagine the feedback famous movie characters would receive if they were granted access to the app. And the results are, well, for you to witness. Extra points for guessing who might have sent these not-so-lovely messages.

1. You gotta admit, that disguise is a tad lame.

2. No prize for guessing this one though.

3. Bollywood should have stopped after Ra.One.

4. Roger that. 

5. You can use that inhaler you stole. 

6. Lol lol lol.

7. There was enough space for two. God Damn it!

8. Or someone your own age.

9. You were going to kill them anyway!

10. His wife had cancer, for Christ’s sake.

11. Tujhe kaam pe kisne rakha? 

12. Preach about loving and marrying only once, but steal somebody else’s bride. 


14. You literally gave birth to his grandson.

15. Yes, because sanskars demand so.

16. Seriously, fuck off!

17.  Food for thought

18.  Let’s also not keep a giant three headed dog inside a castle with 11-year-olds.

19. It should be easy for you to move on. 

We are pretty sure, we missed out on a few of your favourite characters, but hey, 19 is a good number. So, if you can guess, which characters that sent these anonymous texts, let us know in the comments.

Design Credit: Sanil Modi