Known for his phenomenal work in the horror fiction genre, H.P. Lovecraft is a name that remains poignant when we talk of books that made us cower in the safe confines of our rooms. If you thought Stephen King was scary, Lovecraft would bring to life your worst nightmares. And, all the while, enlightening you with the harshest life lessons that made you fear your own realities and doubt your own sanity. 

But, isn’t that just the best kind of horror, really? The one that makes you look over your shoulder to the person standing next to you? One that makes you wonder ‘is this real, or is it all just my skewered imagination?’

But, that is also why Lovecraft remains so iconic, even today. Any author who can make you fear your realities is nothing less than a master of thought. And so, on his birthday, let us celebrate such a literary rarity who, both intrigues and intimidates the reader in all of us.