This Instagram account, called Aapko Koi Nahi Bacha Sakta takes some of the most relatable content on the internet and serves it with a desi kick. It already has an impressive follower count and deserves more. So here are some of our favourite picks. 

Every now and then, we come across content so beautiful, so random that it deserves to be shared with more people. This is one of those times.

This is “Get Out”, but with more appropriate feelings. 

Itni duur se bhi tum bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho, Delilah.

Ab toh jaa ke kaam kar lo.

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You’re all caught up

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When who you thought were your friends stab you in the back.

I’m meant to be his queen and have his babies!

What happens on chhutti, stays in chhutti. 

The Weird Spells Of Sabrina Spellman. 

This handy book has expanded its audience base. 


Mood 24/7.

Dobby is a free elf!

This is the face of the man that saved the universe. 

Uhh, can I have one ‘dumbfuck juice’ please?

These daddy issues are really getting out of hand. 

Struggle of every non-Korean K-pop fan ever. 

Never have I ever felt so threatened by Pikachu. 

Agla bhej do, dhanyavaad. 

My dating history is just a list of boys jin ne mera kaata.  

Bhaaya, meter se chal lo na. 

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“where to miss?” “to the stars”

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We’re no match for Harvey Specter.

The supreme meme. 

Please, Kiki. 

Ok, bye.