When thinking of getting a tattoo, one goes for something close to their heart, represented by a symbol or a self-explanatory design. Sometimes, people also choose lines that mean something to them. Then why not poems? In fact, it sounds like a brilliant idea. 

Still in doubt? These Insta poets might change your mind.

1. Atticus

With a following of 1.5 million, Atticus is one of the most loved poets on the platform, and rightfully so. His poems are short, sweet, and hard-hitting – making them perfect for tattoos. 

2. Humble The Poet

Humble The Poet is an Indo-Canadian writer, whose work deals with general themes of never giving up and being good to everyone.

3. Lang Leav

If you want to get inked with words that best describe the different aspects of being a woman, or if you want a soothing but effective couplet – Lang Leav is your person. 

4. Nikita Gill

Nikita has published multiple volumes of poetry and writes on love, heartbreak and all human emotions with beautiful softness.

5. Arunoday Singh 

With Arunoday (known as Sufi Soul on Instagram), your requirements of words and the font are both sorted. He has over 2,000 posts on Instagram and most of them are his poetry, which he also recites at times.

6. Christopher Poindexter

People describe Christopher as a ‘bohemian poet’ who started on the journey of writing poems when he was 18. Here are two of our suggestions from his account.

7. Pavana Reddy

Pavana’s work was used by Anoushka Shankar in her album Land of Gold. She has also a published writer and you her poems would make for sweet tattoos.

8. Marisa Crane

Marisa is based out of the US and has published a chapbook called The Devil is a Skilled Ventriloquist. She is known to write about love, life and everything in between.

9. RM Broderick

Broderick Instagram bio reads, “Destruction is a form of creation”, which itself could be inked on the body. Most of his poetry on social media is short and you can get an idea about his writing from the posts below.

10. Rupi Kaur

Possibly the most famous poet on the platform, Rupi has made a big reputation for herself over the years, with several published books and merchandise. Her words feel like they are coming from a friend.

11. Alison A. Malee 

Simple and profound – that’s how we’d describe Alison’s poems, which make them a very good choice for a tattoo.

12. R.M. Drake

People have been sharing his words on the internet for a long time now, so there are chances you came across them even before Instagram happened. One of the best ones out there, Drake presents his thoughts with envious elegance, and below are examples of the same.

13. Akhil Katyal

If you wish to get Hindi poetry inked, Akhil is someone you should definitely check out. He writes in an uncomplicated manner, much to the soul’s relief.

14. Neeraj Jha

Another brilliant poet, Neeraj is an underrated artist and you must definitely have a look at his pleasant work before making any decision.

15. Adrian Hendryx

Adrian’s poems have an element of mystery and if that is what you are looking for, then you have reached your destination. Check out her work below. 

16. Likhari

Likhari’s account is a mine of poems, and all of them are brilliant so you might have a tough time choosing which one to go with. Here are some of our recent favourites.

Don’t know about you, but I am fully convinced about this.

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