The lush backwaders, the kidalan poth curry and porotta, the benana chibs, the kokanet oil and our funnay akscent… these are the things that peebal louve about all Malayalees. And there is abbsolutely no denying it becoz almost every Malayalee invariably haz a louve for all these things, and of coarse, the weird akscent that geeves away the mallu-ness. If you ask me, there’s abbsolutely nodhing wrong with that either becoz if you own it, you’ll probubbubbly end up having more fun. 

So owning up to our louvable aksent and laughing at ouverselves, here are 15 hilaryious Mallu jokes that only fellow Mallus will get:


All mallus, thank Rohit Jakhu& Aakansha Pushpfor the wenderful dezains!


Are we fun or not? Benana chibbs anyone?