Thanks to the internet and social media portals, a few months back a small food joint by the name of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ got viral and even got listed on Zomato.  

But here’s the thing. There are thousands of such small food joints and food vendors around the country and they all have been struggling, especially after the lockdown. 

One such food vendor is Yogesh whose food stall is near Versova beach, Mumbai. This food seller brings the taste of Bihar to Mumbai by selling delicious Litti-Chokha for just Rs 20 per plate. 

But Yogesh is facing a lot of issues selling his product not because his amazing litti-chokha lacks in taste, but because he’s not able to market his food to more people. 

Moreover, his inability to list himself on Zomato is leading him to shut down his shop. So, Twitter user Priyanshu has shared his plight and using the internet to its full use by asking Zomato to help Yogesh.  

Soon after the post got viral, Zomato India responded to the tweet and promised to help Yogesh.    

Netizens came together to help this small food vendor and the regulars even lauded the authenticity of his food.   

The magic of social media helping people in need yet again. You too can help Yogesh by trying out his joint opposite to signal near the graveyard in Versova.