I woke up this morning and something felt different. It didn’t feel like the past 6 six months filled with negativity, fear and terror. I somehow just felt lighter. 

And you know why? Because It is finally the month of June. The beginning of summer, and a reminder of a simpler, more relaxed time we had as kids.

Sure, at a time as serious and saddening as this, one could only wonder how can anyone even think of advocating positivity? But my question is, why the hell not? 

For crying out loud, in just a matter of 6 months, we have probably seen the worst of the worst. Be it a natural calamity, economic meltdown, starvation and even a full blown freaking pandemic. Isse zyada ab kya hi bura ho sakta hai? 

I mean, as a whole, we all have really hit rock bottom. But hey, here’s the deal, we can only grow stronger cuz honestly, there is no other option but to rise against all the odds now. Isn’t it? 

Don’t you feel in your gut like it is going to be the start of something better, something new? I mean, just as the month of May wound up, it is starting to feel like everything might go back to normal. 

Sure, things are tough right now. But right from our health workers to our government to even the citizens, everyone has joined hands to battle these hard times. That’s not something you get to see every day, right? 

Recently, over 38,000 retired doctors including personnel from the government and army volunteered to join frontline warriors. How can this not give us hope that medical miracles are bound to happen super soon? 


From a shopkeeper to even a big shot businessman, slowly and steadily everyone is doing their bit to restore the economy. How is that not giving you hope for a normal world?   

Maybe this was just a setup by the universe so that people don’t take important things like spending time with their families or even climate change for granted. Maybe this happened so that we all could slow down and think about the things that actually matter. 

Sure, one can sit at home, watch the news and feel gloomy all the time, but for how long? What is the point? 

From where I see it, the month of June is just making me hopeful for a time when we all will be able to enjoy those summer outings. When we will meet our friends and promise them that we will never ever take them for granted. When the world will once again be united with laughter and joy. Pardon my delusion, I have seen the worst.

I know these times are hard. But no matter how bad it gets, we will come out of it like champions, the way we always do.