Misogynistically enough, China banned women from modelling for lingerie online. Funnily enough, men took over the job and now we have some gorgeous men in lingerie.

Things Banned In China

But this isn’t the first time China has banned something, nor the craziest. Let’s have a look at some of the crazy things banned in China.

1. Social media

Internet services like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc are also banned in China.

Things Banned In China

2. Banned terms that can lead to cutting-off text message services

If you use terms like Dalai Lama and Falun Gong in your text messages, chances are your services will be cut off. Skype reported that it was required to filter out messages which used these terms in order to operate in the country.

Things Banned In China

Additionally, during the SARS outbreak, people who used the words SARS in their text messages had their services cut off as there are nearly 2800 surveillance centres devoted to text messaging in China.

3. Use of certain terms in Video Game chats

Even video game chats are not exempt from censorship. In some games like Genshin Impact, words such as Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, Falun Gong, Stalin, Hitler and Putin are also censored along with swear words.

Things Banned In China

4. Ghosts and Time Travel in Books and Movies

Movies featuring ghosts and time travel are also banned in China as supernatural things might undermine the Chinese Communist Party’s position of strength and authority.

Things Banned In China
Asia Times

5. Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities who have shown support for Tibet, like Harrison Ford, are also banned to enter China. Justin Bieber was also cited as a ‘badly behaved entertainer’ and was banned from performing in China in 2017.

Things Banned In China

Additionally, Brad Pitt was also banned for nearly 20 years because of his film, “Seven Years in Tibet” and Selena Gomez was not allowed for a concert tour because she posted a picture with the Dalai Lama.

6. Books

Banning books is a common practice across the world, after all, how can you show the countrymen that their country is not as great as they are made to believe? Books which include government protests or sexuality are also banned in the country. Books like Jane Eyre and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland were also banned in China.

Things Banned In China

7. Jasmine Flowers

You can’t use the word Jasmine on the internet in China. In fact, the sales of the Jasmine flower are also banned in some of the major cities in China to prevent revolts against the Chinese government.

Things Banned In China

8. Christmas and Bible

For a country which is the largest producer of Christmas lights sold in the US, it’s pretty crazy that it has allegedly banned the festival in the country. In China, Christmas can only be celebrated in sanctioned spaces like churches and is banned outside of them.

Things Banned In China

Additionally, the sale of The Holy Bible is also banned in the country as well as online. The only place you can get the Bible from are the Church bookstores.

9. Wikipedia

Considering that this article is majorly possible thanks to Wikipedia, it’s wild to believe that one can’t access it in China. Previously, Wikipedia was banned only in the Chinese language, but as of May 2019, China has banned Wikipedia in all languages.

Things Banned In China

This is a very small list in comparison to all the things that are banned in China. Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to Censorship in China, you can give it a read.

I mean, there’s no greater truth than the truth the government makes us believe, right? So, it’s only obvious that China has banned information sources that can make people have an informed opinion.

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