Christmas spirit, holidays, hot chocolate and yummy food are all great, but let’s get something straight, not everyone loves winter.

There are people who can barely function leave aside enjoying the winter season. I am people. And if you too are, then you’ll relate to everything else that follows.

1. No matter how many socks you wear, your feet are always cold.

And if you’re walking on marble flooring, you’re frozen.

2. The weight of sweaters and jackets you wear is greater than yours.


3. The days ends before they even start.

5 baje andhera ho jaata hai.


4. Your nose is always red and running.

And oh, you have to breathe with your mouth throughout the season.


5. Getting up once you are warm and cosy is the biggest struggle.


6. You do not remember when was the last time you took a bath.


7. No amount of sunlight is enough for you.


8. Hot water bag is your only true companion. Everything else is dhokha.


9. You do not understand people who say they love winter and everything that comes along.


10. The journey from the bed to bathroom is the longest.


11. You empty bottles of moisturiser thinking it’ll repair your skin, but in vain.


12. Travelling is something you dread.


13. The wait for the geyser to heat up water is endless.


14. You’ve tried all home remedies for dry skin and bad hair.


15. Forget anything else, you can’t even take a dump properly.


And if you are one of those who doesn’t find this relatable, then sorry, we can’t be friends.