When someone mentions the word 'sex toy', most people think of a vibrator or a dildo, or a fleshlight. Well, guess what, the world has advanced and we have moved forward as a race. Now we have zombie fleshlights.

zombie fleshlight
Source: Fleshassist

Find that bizarre? Wait till you see the rest on this list. 

1. Orgasmatron 3000

Believe it or not, people get off the vibrations of a washing machine (no judgment, you do you). So, a person named Dominic Wilcox came up with one that has a saddle to ride. It also has a knob with levels oh, ooh, oooh, oooooh for the user to be able to control the setting. Oooh!!

Orgasmatron 3000
Source: Dominic Wilcox

2. Penis cage

And rings. They are apparently used to give better stimulation to both partners. I have some questions, but nevermind.

penis cage
Source: Amazon

3. Electro Powerbox Stimulator

As it turns out, some people like to be mildly electrocuted for pleasure and this device does exactly that. Don't ask how people use it because I have no clue. 

Electro Powerbox Stimulator
Source: Amazon

4. Crave razor silver 'sensation tool'

What looks like a fancy vegetable cutter, is actually a sex toy. When rolled over skin, it gives pleasure. Apparently. 

Crave razor silver 'sensation tool'
Source: Xenses

5. Sqweel Go

This thing has silicon tongues. 10 of them. Of different types. For you know what.

Sqweel Go
Source: Amazon

6. Alien sex doll

This product is for those who love sci-fi stuff and the possibility of having sex with aliens. I don't know what else to say.

Alien sex doll
Source: Youtube

7. Grim reaper dildo

For 'deathly' orgasms.

 Grim reaper dildo
Source: Ninja Sexology

8. Single magic ball

Aptly named, this thing is a stability ball that has a dildo attached to it so you can have some bouncy fun.

Single magic ball
Source: Amazon

9. Double fister

This literally has two fake fists attached through a tube. Both of them are designed differently so you can use them according to your wishes at the time. 

double fister
Source: Amazon

10. Fetish fantasy rockin' chair

A chair with perks. This one has a clitoral stimulator on the front so you can just sit and figure out the best position for you know, fun times. 

Fetish fantasy rockin' chair
Source: Grenada Desert Cart

I want to buy some of them just because of the creativity.