2018 was a bizarre year for us Indians. With Taimur dolls and people mistaking poop for meteorite hitting the news headlines, we woke up to something unusual every single day.

Rewind and relive the moments that made everyone go, ‘wtf?’. 

What can be more creepy than this?

News Bytes

This is where Drax finds his inspiration from.

News X

Not a bright idea.

News X

Improvise overcome adapt.

News Sniffer

Caught in a shitty situation.

When you know that you’re on camera.

India Today

‘Aaj se Keto band.’

News Beezer

We’re wondering what his leave application would’ve looked like.

The Hindu

This should be enforced across the vast plains of the Indian subcontinent.

Catch News

Was the horse excused from the normal parking fare since horses have legs instead of wheels?

This can easily overshadow the A-list weddings we had this year.

Catch News

Literally pooped over their beliefs.


Later, he was ‘charged’ for endangering lives.

The Guardian

Funny for us, terrifying for the people on the bus.



Let’s see if 2019 graces us with more of these WTF moments.