When we think of God, we picture someone who is on his toes all the time making shit happen. He is supposed to be overseeing everything, being watchful. But what if just like us humans, God too wanted some time off or he too was prone to committing mistakes or being clueless for that matter. Seems tough to imagine, doesn’t it? That’s where Brussels-based illustrators Matteo Ferrazzi and Corey Jay come in handy. They have created a series called “Adventures of God” in which they have represented God doing everyday things and well, screwing up! The comics mainly feature God, Jesus, Lucifer and Gabe and they might seem a little twisted. Just take it in a fun stride and they are sure to leave you laughing. 

Come on guys, give them room for change.

Alcohol and fancies!

God doesn’t deprive people of their guilty pleasures.

A 40-day vacation just doesn’t cut it.

The almighty may also have some deep buried fears!

Gotta keep the followers happy hon.

When you take things too literally.

Well, no one wants to get into trouble.

Gotta keep up the reputation, man!

Reading between the lines.

Hurt God’s ego, have we?

Covfefe, you there?

Well played God, well played!

Just Jesus being the doting kid.

Being Wing-man!

We all need some entertainment from time to time.

Koi Mil Gaya much?

We could all do with hacks reminding us of our To-do list.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd.

 gets even the best of us!

All pictures have been taken from Matteo & Corey’s page in Webtoons. You can check more of these out on their Facebook page as well.