Most of us are in our twenties and still confused like anything about the future; but then it is actually a difficult thing to figure out, right?

Well, if you all just shook your head in agreement, let me break the news to you guys that you are sadly mistaken. The folks at Bored Panda found a few kids who have already figured out their priorities in life & they are so on point that they will make you feel jealous. Let’s look at how simplicity & innocence combines to give hilarious results.

1. He is sending across a message loud & clear

2. Honestly, who doesn’t want that?

3. Well, they say you are your best friend

4. He must already be a professional basketball player

 5. Now we know from where thug life originated

 6. Finally a perfect match for Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons

7. We hope her “mommy” is a cartoonist

 8. How is he a kid? He knows the secret of a happy life already

9. I hope his high school lasts for at least 100 years

 10. Talk about making feasible future plans

11. He is going to be the lead in The Martian 2



Ohh, sweet sweet childhood, where we make jokes without even any effort.