The most dreaded subject, Maths was the stuff of our nightmares. It sent a shiver down our spine every time we faced a trigonometry problem. And all that sin and cos surely had our minds muddled up.  

It’s also the reason why a lot of us opted for Humanities in Class 11. I wanted to be a veterinarian before I got to know that I”ll have to study Maths yet again. And I wasn’t ready for it at all. So, there went my plan of ever owning a zoo. *Sigh*

But we’re all grown up now and we don’t have to study complicated integration and differentiation problems on a daily basis. So we thought we’ll poke some fun at Maths today, and flip off the subject right on its face. We hope you have a good laugh.  

So many problems, thankfully Maths ain’t one anymore! 

Designs by Mir Suhail