There’s nothing like those good old days from school. And now that screens have replaced benches – we kind of miss them more. 

Back then we hated waiting for the period bell and the recess. Now, things are different and everything’s at home – which makes us want to go back in time. But we’ve got something that will at least get you the vibe. Like always, Paper Boat knows how to create a sense of nostalgia with their illustrations and we love them for that. 

Trace karlo, guys!

Their recent illustrations are all about the fun memories from school and tuition classes and they are giving us all the feels. Trust us, you’re going to want to send them in those friend groups. 

From scribbling in those notebooks to the chit-chat after class, it’s like a stroll down memory lane. Here are some that will take you on a stroll too:

Whitner chahiye?

New class wali vibe

When we always wanted to sit with a friend

Tuition ke baad momos khaane chalein?

Because – everything was an instrument  

These illustrations are our school lives in a nutshell and we cannot help but bawl like babies.
Happy tears, right?