Every culture has its share of superstitions, or old wives’ tale. And our country being so vibrant, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic, sure is full of loads of them. With a lot of our beliefs deep set in religion, there are more old wives’ tale than we can count. Do not walk forward if a black cat passes your way, do not call anyone from behind, do not cut nails in the evening, do not wash your hair on Thursday, if your palm itches, it means you have increased prospects of getting money. Ah! There are so many more from where this came from. 

Alicia Souza, one of the quirkiest illustrators we’ve seen in India, has beautifully  captured superstitions like these, and made them into a series called Old Wives’ Tales. Some of them will instantly make you go ‘Hey, I remember that one‘, and others will add to your knowledge of Things-Stored-In-My-Brain-Which-I-Might-Or-Might-Not-Need-Ever.

Take a look at these wonderful designs, and have fun on the trip down memory lane:




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