So you’re being kidnapped by an alien and you don’t know where he’s taking you. Your only way to survive is to kill the alien. But how do you do that?

Google it.

I’m not saying that Google knows everything. But if Google didn’t know anything, Google will probably Google it. Okay, sorry I guess? So I got thinking, what if Google were a brutally honest prick who told you things just as they were? This is how I imagined things would go:

There should be tax exemption on fries on moral grounds.

Weightlifting = Phone uthaao, selfie lo.

Shaadi ke side effects are very real.

 #Wanderlust #Foodie #MusicLover #IDontMakeSenseAtAll

 It’s easier to crack civil service exams than get a sub made according to your preferences.

 Error 404: TV Remote not found.

Twitter is the only place jahaan gande jokes pe bhi tumhaari ‘RT’ utaari jaati hai.

Invigilators are villains who eat up your 5 marks by making you tie your papers when you’re still writing.

The sights and smells of the metro are not for the  faint-hearted.

“Beta shaadi karlo, shaadi mein bohot scope hai.”

Naam Virgin hai, par aukaad dekho.

Would you like me to Google anything else for you? Don’t answer that. I’ll Google it.

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