My friend, you could be neutral or full-on bleh about people dressing up for Halloween, but when it comes to halloween dogs, our hearts sing in unison - AWWWW!

Harry Pawter, Rawr Weasley, and Dobby for the win.

To the Dogwarts!

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Oh, Venom buddy, almost scared me right there.

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Spooky pumpkins. Give treats please?

I dare you to out-cute these minion dachshunds.

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Spooky comes in all shapes and sizes.

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How many outfits are cuter than this? Nun!

One kiss coming right up.

Whoa, where this prince came from?

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Bruno Mars and Cardi B puggo drippin' in finesse.

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I got the halloweenies. Booo!

Pug of Chucky! Hella scary.

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Woof Woof, we mean boo boo.

Like you don't even need to do much, just put a sheet on your dog, and you have the cutest ghost in the world ready to spook within seconds.

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I'm sure the one in the middle is wearing a costume, 'cause no way God made something this cute!

Jack Spa-rawr. Eh, matey.

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This is hands-down the cutest video I've seen today.

Look at that elephant go.

You've heard of spider-man, now meet spider-dog. It will ensnare you in its web of cuteness.

Doggo filling taco. Take all my money!  


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Do ye know any good pirate jokes? Well, neither do ayyyye!

Doggo Eleven with Eggo is not the strangest thing here.

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My heart, my heart.

Cuteness explosion!

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Trick or treat, please?

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The real superheroes this world needs!

Saving the world, one cutesy at a time.

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The old granny has a wisdom for you. Please do hear - Never ever skip an opawrtunity to crack a pun, good or otherwise.

Hear, hear!

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Awww. I can never tire of looking at Doggy Potters. 

"We're sorry, but you're in the wrong doggitory, hufflepup."

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Martini and awwlives? Now we are talking. Two of my favourite thangs in the world. 

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Spooky divers.

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Okay, heart. That's all. My world is better already. Happy Halloween, y'all. Get a boo.