The red spandex combined with a foul tongue and an unlimited bank of dark jokes is what makes the Marvel’s most badass superhero our favourite. I got my hands on some of his subtle gags and darkest jokes that will make you roll over the floor and some may even make you scratch your head. Check these out and hopefully, you will run to the theatres to enjoy this funny rollercoaster of a movie. Spoiler Alert: Thanos is still not dead. 

1. Hugh Jackman is basically the butt of all jokes.

2. What a waste of future spin-offs!

3. Here, apply some lotion Hawkeye.

4. Pump the hate brakes, Deadpool!

5. Tearing down the MCU, one gag at a time.

6. That Basic Instinct Gag. 

7. Won’t let Logan rest in peace.

8. That’s just lazy writing!

9. Heroes or villains?

10. Is this the new Avenger?

Relax, there are plenty of other jokes planted by ‘the real villains’ a.k.a. the writers.

P.S. The post-credit scene is probably better than all the X-Men spin-offs.