Over the years, Tanishq has given us heartwarming advertisements that made us feel warm and fuzzy. And some of them even left us teary-eyed. Here are our favourite ads by the jewellery brand that promoted a strong and progressive mindset:

1. When they told the story of a single mother tying the knot 

2. When they gave us a realistic proposal of a couple in a live-in relationship 

3. When they proved that a woman doesn't need to 'dress down' to be taken seriously at work

4. When they promoted religious tolerance by showing a godh bharayi in a Muslim household

5. When they perfectly captured how many times a woman says 'sorry' in her lifetime 

6. When they celebrated women, regardless of their age 

7. When they showed us that women empowering women is beautiful 

8. When they decided to refute the desi 'saas bahu' conditioning in Indian society 

9. When they gave us the Valentine's Day self-love ad we all needed 

10. When they refused to pitch women against each other

Which one do you love the most?