Little is known about the personal life of Ratan Tata, the industrialist and philanthropist who continues to inspire people around the world. However, we got a little sneak-peek into his life back in 1997, with this insightful interview he gave on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal

From staying unmarried to taking up his first job at Tata, here are things Ratan Tata revealed in this interview

1. When he spoke of his relationship with Mr. J.R.D. Tata and clarified that he wasn’t actually related to him. 

2. When he spoke of everything that came with the Tata name that he was given. 

3. When he revealed that he worked the blast furnaces before he inherited Tata. 

4. When he revealed that he almost left India and went back to LA, more than once!

6. When we got to see a vulnerable side of him, where he admitted that he too had felt lost in his career. 

6. When he gave us insight into how he actually got to know that he was succeeding Tata. 

7. When he recalled the day he was announced as the successor at a meeting by Mr J.R.D Tata and how it has stayed with him all these years later. 

8. When he agreed that he was guilty of being a recluse. 

9. When he revealed that he almost got married a couple of times and that he still felt lonely. 

10. When he gave his two cents about the Hindi film industry and it was hilarious. 

Nobody does it like Simi Grewal anymore. 

All images are screenshots from the interview. 
Design Credits – Sawan Kumari.