Disclaimer: This article is going to make every 90s kid super emotional and nostalgic so keep your tissues ready. Also, it’s going to hit you that you’re getting old. 

Remember when we used to groove to the iconic pop songs and eat sweet cigarettes? Well, it has been more than twenty freaking years since that happened. Yes, that’s how far we have come. The 90s babies, who are now all grown up, know that it was more than just a random period. It was a complete emotion and vibe for most of us.

From iconic food items and blockbuster movies to nostalgic parties, everything about the 90s was just awesome. And today, we decided to re-visit some amazing memories back from the 90s simple yet epic birthdays.

1. The massive obsession with oh-so-fancy clothes.

Whether we hosted a birthday party or got invited to one, we had to look the best. From neat hair combed back and perfectly ironed clothes to flawless shoes, we had our favourite looks to have the best birthday evenings.

2. The ‘cake’ was mostly icing and cream and about 10% actual cake.

Long before fondant chocolate truffle and red velvet cakes with photos on top, there were fluffy black forest and pineapple cakes. With the right amounts of vanilla and chocolate flavours, those cakes were perfect for every occasion.

3. Remember that iconic cone hat with a rubber string?

While we all love flaunting neon sunglasses and firework guns on our birthdays now, it was the cone hats that were considered extremely cool back in the days. Interestingly, everyone wanted the tallest cone hat, which also had a highly annoying rubber string.

4. The set snacks and beverage menu.

Samosa, salted wafers and bhujia along with flavoured rasna – name a better combination, we’ll wait. Also, do you remember the fragile silver paper plates in which the desi street-style chowmein was served? And, changing this menu was a sin.

5. Ah, those must-play games.

From fun musical chairs to passing the pillow and treasure hunts, there are some super cool games that this PlayStation generation will never get to play.

6. What about the HUGE candy balloon?

I won’t lie, the massive candy balloon was the best part of my birthday parties. The balloon, filled with toffees and chocolates, was then popped and showered candies on every kid. Humorously, those candies were finished even before the next game began.

7. Those dance moves on the chartbuster songs.

“Chalo beta, sabko chhaiya chhaiya pe dance karke dikhaao.”

We’ll be a millionaire if we had a rupee for every time our parents said this sentence. Needless to mention, desi parents were obsessed with us learning to dance to the most popular songs. Shaadi ho ya janamdin, you had to show your dancing skills.

8. How can we forget to click pictures in the cute poses?

With innocent (and toothless) smiles and simple paper banners in the background, those pictures were a representation of pure love and fun. Well, life was sorted when we only had 36 pictures on a camera film roll and our dads were the best photographers ever.

9. Giving out those cute return gifts to everyone.

The best part of a birthday party was giving or receiving cute return gifts. Remember those good-smelling erasers, pencil boxes with different cartoon characters and chocolate hampers?

10. The gift opening ceremony was the best end to our birthdays back then.

And now comes the best part – THE GIFT OPENING CEREMONY!

Alright, I know I got a little too excited there but can you really blame me? Receiving loads of games, toys and stationery items after a long fun-filled day was the best.

The 90s were just awesome in every frickin’ way, right?