If there is one thing to know about actor and celebrity Sunny Leone, it’s that she has always been herself unabashedly. She’s always been authentic, and real with her audience, fans and just the world in general.

And if that isn’t queenliness, then I don’t know what is? Leone is an example for women everywhere, so how can we not write about all the times she’s been anything but royalty with her level of transparency, boldness and authenticity. 

1. When she spoke up for herself like royalty In an interview with Bhupendra Chaubey. He had asked her, “I’m wondering whether I’m being morally corrupted because I’m interviewing you.” 

I can leave if you want me to. 

-Sunny Leone for CNN

2. When she accepted a part of her past that she’s not too proud of in her mic stand. 

Because that’s the best thing you can do to grow as a person. 

3. When yet again, she spoke about how well she’s accepted her past in this interview

I don’t think I would ever disown my past because my past is which has brought me here. And it’s not that somebody forced me to do anything that I didn’t want to at that moment in time in my life

4. When the celeb called Bollywood out for its objectification and that too by drawing amazing parallels between the objectification and her sabzi waale bhaiya

They think that if you throw some water on the actress, it’s sexy. I mean Bollywood and my sabzi guy, they think on the same lines. Just sprinkle some water on it, it will sell.

5. And when she came through with that solid women-support-women attitude by gushing over Vidya Balan. 

Because that’s what being a queen is all about, having another woman’s back. 

6. When the celebrity showed the world that she understands money pretty darn well. 

I mean, she gets money, she understands the power women hold, she knows her worth – we bow to you queen!

I don’t know what my legacy will be, but one thing that I was good at was turning a quarter into a dollar.

7. When Sunny Leone knew that having thicker skin is the secret to thriving in any space. 

She knew that letting people’s opinions of her hurt her time and time again wasn’t going to help her in any way, so she stuck to the wisdom of ignorance. 

People write all sorts of crazy stories about me. I mean, every single day there’s some crazy story about me. If I had started worrying about them, I would have probably packed my bags and left for the US already

8. When the celebrity proved that her level of professionalism is immaculate. 

She enjoys her work and understands that being professional has little to do with the grudges or bitterness people who work with her hold.

I actually don’t care about anybody else’s inhibitions or what they’re insecure with, if they want to work with me or not. It actually doesn’t affect me at all. I work every single day and I’m very happy for that.

9. The actor seems to always prove whatever assumptions are made about her wrong. And the same happened when people threw judgments at her for adopting her daughter. 

The fact that she put her instincts to nurture a child above any kind of judgments she was receiving says a lot about the person she is. 

I didn’t see those comments at the time because I was busy doing what any mother does — taking care of her child. I don’t think that it would affect me in any way, because they’re not living in my house or my head. They don’t know of my intentions in my life, or towards my daughter. If anything, they should be happy that a child was going into a loving and safe home, and maybe we should take care of millions of other kids who are looking for a home. 

10. When she dropped these words of wisdom on how to deal with being unheard as a woman in any space. 

Because we all know how much women are often dismissed. 

But the only way for you to get through that moment is just to say how you feel in the most non-emotional way possible because the second a woman either cried or got emotional and started yelling or screaming, that’s the second they stop listening.

-Sunny Leone told CNN

An underrated gem of a woman!