Amazon Prime Video came back with the second season of One Mic Stand last week. Featuring Karan Johar, Sunny Leone, Raftaar, Chetan Bhagat and Faye Dsouza, the show showcased their stand-up comedy skills.

While it might be a little difficult to believe that Sunny Leone can be a stand-up comedian, she absolutely nailed it and how!

In conversation with Sapan Verma, the host of the rib-tickling show, she revealed how her life has changed since last year. 

People grow, things happen. I also think I’m a different mind frame now or maybe I just don’t give a shit. I give less of shit now than I did last year.

As soon as she’s on the stage, she makes the audience cheer loudly with her opening dialogue. 

She then moves on and jokes that she absolutely knows what’s going on in everyone’s head- Sex! She then points to the man sitting right in front of her and says that this is most of the action he’s gonna get in his life.

Talking about her husband, who’s cheering for her in the crowd, she says:

The men here probably hate him. But, your wife next to you probably loves him.

She then talks about the most popular topic: Bollywood. She jokes about how Bollywood and adult films are different.

Talking about her fans, she reveals that she either has die-hard fans who love her or fans who threaten to kill themselves. She talks about one such hilarious incident.

There is this fan who sits out of my mind. She comes up to me with her baby and goes ‘photo lo, yeh aapki fan hai’. I mean, fan from where? Does she not know who I am? All I want to tell this baby is that watch Captain America and not Naughty America!

She then jokes about her bizarre interviews. She reveals how people treat the word porn as ‘morally corrupt’. 

These guys ask me that if you could change one thing from your past, what would it be? I’m like, I would go back in my past and not come for this interview.

She reveals that a journalist came up to her after the interview and said that he wouldn’t watch her movies because he has kids at home. And, this is what her response was:

Forget my videos, you should be worried about your kids watching your videos.

Once and for all, she apologised for everything! *sense the sarcasm*

I’m sorry for divorce. I’m sorry for the mass suicides. I’m sorry for corrupting minds. I’m sorry for leap years and TikTok!

She then mentions how Bollywood is obsessed with water.

They think that if you throw some water on the actress, it’s sexy. I mean Bollywood and my sabzi guy, they think on the same lines. Just sprinkle some water on it, it will sell.

She closes her act by saying that she couldn’t care less about her haters.

When she’s asked if she would like to do this again, she makes the whole crowd go crazy by saying:

No no, you can only pop your cherry once!

You can watch the entire episode here.

With the perfect balance of humour and wit, she is nothing but an inspiration!

Note: All the images are taken from the episode.