2019 was the year when our faith in Indian web series grew strong, as we saw shows on a wide variety of topics surface online. And what these shows gifted us, apart from pathbreaking stories and great performances, were some truly memorable characters like these: 

1. Srikant from The Family Man

A man caught between his job and his family may seem like an old trope. But Srikant is no average joe, and his job isn’t part of your regular 9-to-5 corporate drill. With Bollywood churning out spy stories by the second, it was truly commendable writing (and acting) that allowed yet another ‘spy hero’ to stand out. 

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2. Atharv from The Family Man

Yes, Srikant was the protagonist of the show, but Atharv (Vedant Sinha) came pretty close to stealing his spotlight, and rightfully so! Atharv’s hilarious antics, wiseass comebacks to his parents, and completely random observations were, undoubtedly, one of the major highlights of the series. 

3. Tara from Made in Heaven

In a sea of Hindi TV’s ‘holier-than-thou’, unidimensional leading ladies, came a multi-faceted, conflicted personality like Tara and she completely won us over. She was unapologetic about her ambition but guilty over her actions, driven to seek justice for her friend but quick to cut him off when needed. Simply put, she was a leading character, whose actions were unpredictable but not unrelatable. 


4. Karan from Made in Heaven

Indian TV has rarely, if ever, had leading characters from the LGBTQ+ community. That alone made Karan an important character. However, what made him a memorable character was that his sexual orientation was only one aspect of his characterization. His misguided actions, childhood trauma, flawed relationships, and courageous activism is what made him a crowd favourite. 


5. Ramesh Gupta from Made in Heaven

You begin the series by being creeped out by his behavior, move towards hating his actions, but ultimately, end up sympathizing with his situation. For a supporting character to evoke such a wide array of emotions is a testament to not only the actor’s talent, but also the writer’s expertise. 


6. Jeetu Bhaiya from Kota Factory

As far as on-screen teachers are concerned, Indian TV and cinema has had some truly unforgettable characters. And Jeetu Bhaiya definitely deserves a spot on that list. He was a representation of that teacher-cum-mentor who truly cared for his students. 

7. Meena from Kota Factory

There are great friends. And then there is Meena. As naive, as he was loyal, Meena’s endearing nature made a fan out of not just Vaibhav, but all of us. And his dialogues, delivered with his typical, matter-of-fact style, became just as memorable as the show, if not more so. 


8. Shanti Mishra from Gullak

Shanti Mishra was the voice of every Indian mother, who is indulgent even when scolding her children. She also represented the Indian housewife with unerring accuracy. But ultimately, it was the way she ran the house–with a mixture of concern and indignation–that had us loving even her affectionate admonishments. 

9. Guruji from Sacred Games S2

Guruji is a character whose conviction in his ‘vision of the world’ is absolute. It makes him rise above the villains who seek crime out of selfish interests. But, what makes him a memorable character, is the way he draws everyone into his world – by employing the gift of gab and gochi


10. Vartika Chaturvedi from Delhi Crime

In her role as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, Shefali Shah had to battle multiple emotions–her fear as a mother, her disgust and anger as a woman–while still maintaining a practical and focused approach towards the case. And she nailed the portrayal. It is so important that female protagonists like Vartika Chaturvedi are crafted for female actors. 

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11. Kainaaz Akhtar from Kaafir

In the current politically and religiously charged atmosphere, a show like Kaafir holds even greater importance than before. And through her story, Kainaaz brought to light the plight of an innocent caught in cross-border military action. 


Know of any other characters from web series that left a lasting impression? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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