Internet is a place where anyone and everyone can have an opinion about anything. So, celebrities face the wrath of these opinions in the form of trolls the most. Whether it’s something they say, do or post, it can be trolled in no time.  

So, here are some of the most trolled celeb pictures by the internet :  

1. When Mandira Bedi was trolled for performing the last rites of her husband, while wearing jeans. 

In a tragic incident, Mandira Bedi lost her husband, director Raj Kaushal, due to a heart attack. However, when the paparazzi posted photos of her carrying out her husband’s last rites (which was also a gross violation of privacy), trolls resorted to passing comments on her attire. 

2. When Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore a “revealing” gown for 2020 Grammy Awards. 

Priyanka has been fighting criticism with grace for years now. But she was trolled heavily for wearing a plunging white gown to support her husband Nick Jonas during the 2020 Grammy Awards. Many people dissed her for showing too much and asked her to hide her belly. 

3. When Priyanka Chopra Jonas sat “indecently” while meeting PM Modi. 

In another instance, she also got slammed on social media for not being “decently” dressed and sitting in a disrespectful posture during her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin. 

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3. When Taapsee Pannu wore a bikini.   

While promoting her film Judwaa 2Taapsee had posted a picture of herself in a bikini. But the internet had a problem with her choice of wearing whatever she wanted too. They slut-shamed her and called her out for showing legs. 

5. When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan showed her mamta and kissed her daughter on the lips.   

It is no secret that Aishwarya Rai loves hanging out with her daughter Aradhya and takes her everywhere along with her. She was trolled on social media for kissing her daughter on the lips. Where people called her out for picking up a western habit. They also called kissing her child as a horrible thing to do. 

6. When Twinkle Khanna ‘apparently’ sat on books for a shoot.   

A few years back, Twinkle had shared a picture of hers where she was sitting on a pile of books while her foot was on a stool. However, people on social media somehow thought that she kept her foot on the books and dissed her for not respecting them. The actor had to clarify things after that. 

7. When Mithali Raj showed her ‘sweaty armpits’ to the world.   

Indian Cricketer Mitali Raj had shared a picture of hers with fellow cricketers. However, instead of celebrating this iconic picture, people on the internet trolled her for having sweaty armpits. 

8. When R. Madhavan had a cross sign in his house.   

The actor had shared a picture of himself his son and his father in traditional attire to wish everyone on the Independence Day. But someone trolled him for having a cross in the background despite the fact that he is a Hindu. Madhavan gave a befitting reply to him saying that he respects every religion. 

9. When Anushka Sharma posed for a picture with the Indian cricket team. 

The internet trolled the actor for a picture posted by BCCI. The said picture had her posing with the entire Team India team at the High Commission of India in London. Many asked why she is a part of the Team India picture and why other cricketers wives not present in the photo.    

10. When Anusha Dandekar wore whatever the hell she wanted.  

The VJ had posted a topless photo with white bikini bottoms. She captioned the picture “Say what you need to, my reflection of me, I’m fine with… your words reflect what you see of yourself.” However, people on the internet were not happy with it and called her out for “destroying” the culture. 

11. When Disha Patani wore a sports bra with lehenga.   

After sharing her post Diwali pic, she was brutally trolled on the internet for wearing a sports bra with lehenga. People dissed her for wearing a traditional dress with a bra.   

12. When Esha Gupta posted a topless picture with just pomegranates.   

So, actor Esha Gupta is known for setting the internet on fire for her steamy pictures. But when the actor posted a picture of herself holding a pomegranate cut into halves in her hands, it irritated a lot of people on the internet. People trolled her for destroying the ‘Indian’ culture and revealing too much. 


13. When Aaliyah Kashyap was comfortable with her body and wore ‘revealing attire’.   

Aaliyah Kashyap shared a lot of screenshots where she was trolled for wearing whatever the hell she wanted. People slut shamed her and asked her to cover up. 

Internet will troll you for anything.