Dating is a risky thing to indulge in, I mean it’s probably because the win on those risks is worth it. But, sometimes you’re met with people who don’t even do the bare minimum. Which is why this Reddit thread where women have shared the times their minimum requirements went unmet on dates is so interesting, and definitely worth sharing.

Here, read on to know what they’ve shared:

1. “My minimum requirement was being single. Sounds ridiculous but it turned out it’s not that obvious for everyone. It was very awkward, the guy started talking about his girlfriend and ongoing relationship in the first few minutes like it is completely normal to go on dates with random people while you have a relationship.”


2. “To Keep the conversation going and express an interest in getting to know me. A majority of the dates I’ve gone on ended up with the guy talking mainly about himself or his interests. It’s rare that a man asks questions about me or turns questions over to me in turn.

Then they’re flabbergasted when I turn down a second date because, “I thought things went so well”. Obviously you did because you got to talk about yourself for an hour or two. You don’t even know what I ate for dinner with you.”


3. “Went on one date with this guy and he basically wouldn’t talk. I kept asking leading questions about his interests his friends his life his job. I got back single sentences at best, single words mostly. And the worst, “Eh idk,” WHEN I ASKED HIM WHAT HIS FAVORITE TV SHOW WAS! how do you not know? Do you not watch TV? At least tell me you don’t watch TV! That’s more interesting than giving me Literally Nothing!”


4. “Honestly, just the fact that they need to be attracted to me. I have had one too many experiences where I was in relationships with men who made constant suggestions and criticisms about my body and appearance.

They weren’t constructive, by the way. I’ve heard things like, ‘Your face is disgusting and you should wear makeup so people won’t stare at us in public,’ and ‘You have no ass; you should work out to get one.’ One man even told me that wearing makeup was a ‘must’ for him because he ‘Wants a woman who shows she takes care of herself.’

I don’t understand why they got with me if they found me that unattractive to begin with. When I used dating apps, I never hid my body size or the fact that I don’t wear makeup. They knew what they were getting into, and still talked to me despite me not matching their preferences.”


5. “Actually dressing nice for the date. Like nothing perfect. But hey, maybe put on some pants, shave, get a haircut.”


6. “Being nice to the waiter/waitress.”


7. “NOT checking out other women. Believe it or not I’ve had it happen more than once. Either his eyes are following her and completely zoning out to what I had to say and/or he’s making comments about how unattractive other girls are.


8. “A first date actually brought his friend with him and they communicated in a language I did not understand. Several requirements were broken that day. But understanding ‘no’ would be a good one as well.”


9. “Not wearing sport clothes to a date.”


10. “Show up on time. Don’t talk on your cell phone or check it (too often).”


11. “Not shit-talk womankind.


12. “100%. Dress to impress. If we can do it, then there should be no excuse why a man shouldn’t.”


Do you agree to these? If you have other bare minimum standards in your mind, share with us in the comments.