Bhuvan Bam, the actor-comedian who rose to fame with his hilarious vines, has become a household name now. He changed the audience’s outlook towards content creation and comedy.

The comedian soon became a writer, singer, actor and songwriter. And reportedly, he is also nation’s wealthiest YouTuber, with over ₹122 crores net worth.

His net worth, which is around $15 million (₹122 crores), stems from the actor-comedian’s endorsements, movies, shows and revenue from videos.

He earlier to used to sing at restaurants and cafes, which earned him ₹5000 each month. Later, he decided to stop singing and started creating content.

He started his online career with a parody video where a journalist was seen asking insensitive questions to a person who lost their home in the floods. The video soon went viral and the rest, as they say, is history.

Onwards and upwards.