Bigg Boss is all about grabbing the spotlight, and the show has in the past used - some famous and some semi-famous foreign celebs to hike the TRPs. Here are all the international celebrities who have made an appearance on Bigg Boss over the years:

1. Pamela Anderson (season 4)

Though she came as a guest for just 3 days, she did have the TRPs through the roof. Pamela cooked, danced and spent some 'quality' time with the contestants. 

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2. Claudia Ciesla (season 3)

This Polish-German model entered the show back when Amitabh Bachchan was the host. She spent 10 weeks on the show before getting evicted and was seen bonding with model Pravesh Rana. Her stint in the Bigg Boss house led to her entry into Bollywood. 

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3. Veena Malik (season 4)

This Pakistani actress became the one of the most popular contestants on Bigg Boss 4. Her chemistry with Ashmit Patel garnered a lot of attention and they are still one of the most iconic couples to have been on the show. 

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4. Jade Goody (season 2)

A British television personality, Jade made headlines for her racist remarks against fellow participant Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother. After which, she was roped into the season 2 of Bigg Boss, which she had to exit early after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

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5. Sunny Leone (season 5)

Way before she made it into Bollywood, Sunny was a contestant on Bigg Boss 5 and she kept her career in the adult film industry a secret from her fellow housemates. When filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt visited the Bigg Boss house, he offered her a role, which led to her entry into Bollywood. 

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6. Begum Nawazish Ali aka Ali Saleem (season 4)

A Pakistani host and actor, Ali Saleem appeared on Bigg Boss sans his on-screen avatar, where he cross-dresses as Begum Nawazish Ali. Undoubtedly one of the loudest contestants on season 4, though he was tolerant at times, he was almost always the first one to pick a fight. 

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7. Vida Samadzai (season 5)

This former Miss Afghanistan was the first Afghan woman to participate in an international beauty pageant since 1974. She had quite a peaceful stay on Bigg Boss but was vocal about her distaste towards Pooja Missra, she also formed an infamous bond with actor Shakti Kapoor. 

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8. Sofia Hayat (season 7)

Her fights with Armaan Kohli made headlines every single day, and she even filed a complaint against the actor for harassment. Soon after, the singer and actor embraced spirituality, and adopted the name Gaia Sofia Mother. However, she later renounced it and tied the knot with her Egyptian husband, who she claimed tried to con her. 

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9. Natasha Stankovic (season 8)

This Serbian model-actress spent four weeks in the Bigg Boss house. She made several appearances in Bollywood movies and tied the knot with the Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya in 2020. 

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10. Mandana Karimi (season 9)

An Iranian actress and model, Mandana put up one hell of a fight during her stay in the Bigg Boss house. When people weren't gushing over her style, they were falling in love with her straight-forward demeanour. She was last seen playing  a negative character in the TV show, Ishqbaaz and the web series, The Casino

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11. Elli AvrRam (season 7)

Kickstarting her career in Bollywood, this Swedish Greek actor's appearance on Bigg Boss did her a lot of good. Not only did she become one of Salman Khan's favourites, but her bubbly nature made her a household name. 

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12. Jason Shah (season 10)

A wildcard entry, this British actor was loved for not only his good looks, but also his chemistry with Bani J. However, he had to leave the show abruptly due to health issues. 

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13. Lucinda Nicholas (season 11)

This Australian model was loved by all the contestants in the house, but her language barrier held her back and she was evicted from the house in just two weeks. 

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How many of them regretted it?