Being in love with someone can push all the crazy sides you would have never known. It’s an insane emotion and we tend to do a lot of out-of-the-box things for our partners. Talking about insane things, some of us have kinks in bed that go beyond weird. While there are some strange preferences we discover while performing the deed. People on Reddit have listed down the weirdest things they have done for the sake of their partners.

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1. “Have a BJ race with her friends who were also a couple. to see which of the two girls could make their guy come quicker. She didn’t have a lock on her door and had a pesky little brother that always tried to get in her room so the other couple was on the bed and I was sitting up against the door. Her brother tried to come in halfway through. The other couple won.”


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2. “One time this girl and I started making out in my room and she asked me to bite her ass as hard as I could. I proceed to bite the shit out of her ass/eat her out. The next day she came up to me in the hall and excitedly showed me her incredibly bruised butt. I was amazed how proud she was of her sex bruise, very fun experience for me as well.”


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3. “Not my SO, but my ex once asked to shave her vag and keep the hairs in a bag. To this day, I don’t know why she wanted me to do that, nor have I seen the bag since then.”


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4. “The first time a girl asked to lick my asshole. Never knew that was a thing at the time but she sucked my dick, and my balls, then ate out my assailed like no tomorrow while giving me a handjob. Weirdly one of the best things ever but nothing that I ever asked for or ever will ask another girl to do.”


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5. “Both dress up as dinosaurs and maintain character throughout with appropriate noises etc. Was actually a lot of fun.”


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6. “Girlfriend had been watching all the sex and the city seasons at my place and that had her really turned on. I was playing FIFA online vs my buddy and she gave me head and then reversed cowgirl while she kept telling me not to pause the game.”


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7. “Not my SO, but the last guy I banged (well, he banged me I guess) had me lick his face like a puppy. I had already gotten off so I had to try pretty hard not to laugh.”


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8. “Ex-GF was a nursing student who asked me to help her study for the NCLEX. She had me quiz her and for every 10 questions she got right she would reward herself by blowing me or having sex. I’m glad she was a smart girl.”


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9. “One night stand. Wanted me to put out a cigarette on her chest, in between her titties as she was cumming. I-I did it….wouldn’t do it again though, that disturbed me.”


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10. “This wasn’t a long-term SO, but a guy I had only just started seeing. Very early on, if I was on top, he’d pull my hands down to his throat and make me choke him really aggressively. I’d heard that some people like this before, so I knew it wasn’t toooo weird, but when he first did it, it freaked me out as wasn’t expecting it at all!”


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11. “My hubby and I were fucking on the couch while coffee was brewing in the kitchen. It finished brewing and he said, “Hold on, I’ve always wanted to do this,” poured himself a cup of coffee and came back to continue doing doggy style. I did have to turn him down on that one. I mean he didn’t even put cream in it or anything, just straight up hot coffee. I didn’t want it getting spilled on my ass.”


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12. “She told em to “pee in her butt” as a joke, I knew it was a joke, but I thought, will I ever get this chance again? I did it, it was a mess, and her parents threw me out.”


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13. “My SO loves to fuck me while I’m on the phone with someone. I’d never call like my mom or grandma or anything but with friends, or say if a boss or coworker calls me or something, he loves to try to watch me hold it together. It’s kinda hot, I don’t mind it. I’ve had a few friends catch me but luckily they just laugh it off.”


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14. “I used to date a bartender that would ask me to cum on her chest just before her shift. She would put a bra/shirt on and go to work covered in my jizz.”w


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