Bollywood is predominantly problematic. We’re done hiding that fact. Which is exactly why we’d love to see these crazy changes go down, even if they involve just basic respect and courtesy. 

Is that too much to ask?

1. Male leads respecting boundaries of women in the film. 

Stalking is not love, there, I said it. 


2. Male leads taking no for an answer!

She doesn’t like you dude, stop whining about being friendzoned. Also, uski na main haan nahi hai, for sure. 

3. Parents understanding the concept of free will. 

Especially when it comes to female characters. 

4. Male lead not being self absorbed. 

It’s not hot to think only about yourself, you’re doing no one a favour Kabir Singh. 

5. No more overgrown manchild who hates women who act their age. 

Here’s looking at you, Kartik Aaryan. 

6. Female leads who aren’t helpless. Because have you guys met real women?

We have goals, ideals and are not dependent on men to validate us. 


7. The LGBTQ community being represented without absurd stereotypes. 

Partner and Laxmii, you know what you did.  

8. Leading pairs that don’t belong to different generations. 

We have an entire list of these here

9. Villains with a believable back story.

We’re not asking for Joker but can their excuse not be that they’re just a gunda


10. Cultural stereotypes not being the basis of an entire character.

Not another Chennai Express


11. Female leads who are not just here for one song, with no connection to the story. 

Kick and literally every Housefull movie ever!

12. Female representation that isn’t limited to unwanted item numbers. 

Women aren’t just good to play Sheila, Chameli, Pinky and Laila. 

13. The moment when Bollywood stops replacing ‘big name’ actors with some real talent. 

14. No more remakes please. 

If you’re going to do it, at least do it well. Learn from Drishyam

Republic World

15. No more sexist jokes. 

Literally every Akshay Kumar, Salmaan Khan and Masti film would have no script if this happened. 

We have our fingers crossed, hoping things eventually turn around.