As we finally arrive a time where mental health is being given the same consideration as physical health, it’s always great to come across conversations that are helpful to our mental health. This is why this Reddit thread where women have shared the best thing they’ve ever done for their mental health, seems like such a gold mine. Here, check out it for yourself.

1. “Learn when to disengage. There is a lot of garbage out there in the form of social media, people’s opinions, etc. being willing to say, “Okay I’m done with this conversation, etc. is highly important.”


2. “I had a moment when I felt like I hated my husband and toddler son, and everyone around me. I can’t fathom why I felt that way, I mean they are my family. Then I had a chance to go on a mini vacation for 24 hours by myself in this place I rented, it was small cabin in the woods with a small outdoor jacuzzi, no phone signal and internet. It was perfect and I was able to recharge and relax. Turns out I didn’t really hate them, I was just exhausted and overstimulated.”


3. “Our brains will eat what we feed it, and our mental health can reflect that diet. On the same line of thinking, if someone says do NOT click on this link, or says they wish they hadn’t, I don’t. It’s good to miss something terrible.”


4. “Removing toxic people from my life.”


5. “Get blood work done. My anxiety, paranoia, depression, aggression all stemmed from my thyroid issues. In finding out my thyroid isn’t doing it’s job I was able to get on medication and for the first time since my early teen years I feel normal… functional. Who would’ve ever guessed a tiny butterfly shaped gland controlled EVERYTHING in my body?! Yup, best thing… bloodwork.”


6. “Started therapy, got rid of all social media (except Reddit), self care (baths, coloring my hair etc).”


7. “Stopped drinking alcohol.”


8. “Limited my interactions with anyone who used me as a diary/therapist. sometimes I’ll even just stop engaging with them completely if they take it too far. I’ve been told I’m easy to talk to, but the key word is ‘to’ I don’t like it when someone just talks at me.”


9. “Cut contact with people who consistently took more energy from my life than they brought. Not all of them were toxic, not all of them had bad intent, but they still weren’t good for me.”


10. “Therapy and I got screened for ADHD. I have it. I am currently waiting for an ASD screening. It is such a relief to realize I’m not broken and it’s just how my brain works.”


11. “Adopting cats! Little stress relief creatures who love you despite all the chaos in the world.”


12. “Setting and enforcing work and personal boundaries.

Removing toxic people from my life.

Regular exercise/healthy lifestyle.”


13. “Ask for help.”


14. “Going to therapy, learning myself, taking vacation, resting often and enjoying the present moment.”


15. “Turning off the internet at 4 pm every day, too much screen time just leaves you perpetually distracted, drained, and unable to face your life or live it in a meaningful way. If I use the internet all night, I just feel zoned out, like crap, sluggish etc.”


Some really solid tips here!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, please reach out to your family or seek professional help.